Tropical Modern House Design 2-Storey (140 sqm)

 HSdesain.comThis 2-storey house with a modern tropical design has many openings that certainly make residents feel comfortable living in it. The view of the skylight inside the house also makes anyone feel at home to rest for a while. Not to forget to be equipped with an indoor garden also adds comfort to the 2-storey residence which has a building area of 140 sqm and a land area of 133 sqm.

Facade looks

The minimalist design of the house with a gable roof looks slick and stylish. The compact design gives a neat and clean residential accent. Moreover, the garden in the yard also provides a fresh and soothing atmosphere.

Square front garden

Looks simple, but the small square-shaped garden in the front area of this house feels refreshing. The combination of gravel and also plants and wooden benches makes the atmosphere feel natural.

Living area

The main room which is designed without partitions is suitable for many people. With a living room or family area near the staircase area, also side by side with the kitchen, dining room, and an indoor garden. Restricted with a transparent sliding door, making you free to see the refreshing garden view from inside the house.

Elongated workspace

This workspace has an elongated room. Assisted by a wide enough window, making the workspace area overflowing with light rays from outside.

Laundry room

This fairly small laundry room is designed to be simple but compact and neat. Equipped with an efficient hanging clothesline, this laundry area wears a quite strong transparent roof.

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Author  : Yuniar
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