Tiny House only 3 x 6 Meter with 3-Bedrooms (2-Storey)


 Tiny House only 3 x 6 Meter with 3-Bedrooms (2-Storey)

HSDesain.com -- This tiny house will surprise you, with 3 bedrooms and a service area and naturally bright rooms with excellent use of space, it is perfect for your small home or rental. For those of you who want to invest this is a low-cost simple house that makes the most of every room. Here it is take a good look at Tiny House only 3 x 6 Meter with 3-Bedrooms (2-Storey)





The house is small but long, the front view is 3 meters in size. This house has a wooden door, natural stone walls extend upwards and make it attractive. It has high glass windows that fill the floor to the 2nd floor on the side of the stairs, so that it can be seen from outside the stairs up the house. this functions as natural lighting.



Living and Kitchen Area



Entering the house you are greeted with a small living room with a television installed around the stairs. Under the stairs is used for storage shelves for small items. Next to it is directly connected to a minimalist kitchen but still loose activities for 1-2 people. This area is also equipped with a large enough window so that the lighting is fairly good.




The bedroom on the 2nd floor makes great use of every room, bookshelves and storage are made against the wall, glass windows as lighting, there are comfortable work and study desks, so this house really makes good use of it.



Floor Plan



The small house that attracts some of these people is used for rent or for their own use, small but still spacious if used to the maximum, here is the floor plan of a small house measuring 3x 6 Meters you have :

-living area
- kitchen
- bedroom floor 1
- 2 bedrooms floor 2
- bathroom  

- service area

That's the   Tiny House only 3 x 6 Meter with 3-Bedrooms (2-Storey). Hope you like it!

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Denilson Ferreira - Arquiteto e Urbanista

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