Timeless Minimalist House Design (110 sqm)

 HSdesain.comA classic house with a simple design makes anyone feel at home to live in it. Equipped with a fairly large yard, this will make you creative by making a garden or patio suitable for relaxing. Check out the review below for complete details on this classic minimalist house.

Exterior design

This minimalist house looks chic with shades of white like the previous building, but still looks stylish and modern. With the surrounding house colored green from plants, giving a fresh and timeless accent.

Living room area

Clean white shades and wood elements in the living room give a warm accent. Coupled with putting the carpet as a base under the seating set, it gives a classic and stylish impression. Furniture that also wears matching colors certainly produces matching and eye-catching designs.

Relaxing spot

Even though it is small in size, this relaxing area is still comfortable with the right arrangement. Window facilities help this area to have sufficient lighting and good air circulation. The right seating design also makes it comfortable when you want to relax while enjoying tea and snacks.

Pretty bedroom

The combination of white and neutral colors gives a minimalist and elegant accent to the bedroom, a matching design between the interior and items or furniture and decoration makes the bedroom look aesthetic.

Glossy kitchen

This letter U kitchen is dominated by white. In addition, the use of glossy material also helps the kitchen area look wider and airy. The right arrangement and the presence of a cabinet as storage make the kitchen cleaner and more comfortable to use.

White bathroom

The full white design in the bathroom gives a spacious and airy accent. So it will look monotonous over time. You can work around this by installing a mirror that has enough shade differences. And also place fresh plants that can survive in a humid area like this bathroom.

Beautiful backyard

A large backyard area can be used to create various functional facilities. Such as gardens, patios, barbecue areas, and so on, with the right arrangement, will make the backyard area an aesthetic and pleasant place.

That's the Timeless Minimalist House Design (110 sqm). Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

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