Small House Design - 5mx11m with Skylight Balcony - 2 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom -- Wooden house design is the dream of many young couples because it has an elegant appearance with a combination of wood and glass. Like this one house design idea, with a size of 5x11 meters equipped with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms has a skylight balcony area. For more details, check out small house design - 5mx11m with skylight balcony - 2 bedroom & 2 bathroom

House Facade Design 

This house has a design with wood-based that is neatly arranged and sturdy. the terrace area is bright and cozy because there are tap windows throughout the balcony. combined with glass doors and windows make this house very luxurious. 

Interior Design

The interior design uses a wooden look and natural color choices that make the house feel elegant. The dining table and other rooms directly face the glass door which makes the house look spacious and bright perfectly.


One of the best places to get light is the bedroom, glass windows make the interior as well as the walls seem warm and spacious. 

Floor Plan design

You can observe the floor plan in the picture above. There is a living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a spacious balcony along the house with skylight mode. Size 5 x 11 meters. made of wood makes the house all-weather resistant. 

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author    :    Susi Yanti

editor     :    Munawaroh

source    :    Tiny House Design

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