Simple House Design 3-Bedroom Small Farmhouse Idea (99 sqm)


Simple House Design 3-Bedroom Small Farmhouse Idea (99 sqm) -- One of the house designs that is worthy of choice is the farmhouse, giving the house a warm and romantic atmosphere typical of the countryside. this house design has combined simple and modern farmhouse. here it is Simple House Design 3-Bedroom Small Farmhouse Idea (99 sqm).


White farmhouse concept is your right choice, the facade of this house makes every viewer very stunning. simple but enhanced with black glass list windows so that the house looks bright and firm. vines planted on the edge of the balcony fence make the house like a comfortable rural atmosphere, this is also added with a relaxing seat on the porch.

Living Area

The simple facade of the house, when you enter this house every room is also simple and comfortable, wide glass windows, large sofas and televisions with minimalist shelves, suitable for those of you who don't like a lot of patterned furniture.

Dining and Kitchen Area

This room is already visible from the front outside of the house because it has a wide glass window until part of the front wall is made of glass partition, making the house bright and clean, the function of this wide glass window can also save electricity usage. If you are uncomfortable at night you can add long curtains. The stairs of this house are glass partitioned so that even though there are stairs this room looks wider.

Master Bedroom

This is the second cosy place after all the activities in the room, still with a white and minimalist concept. This room is beautified with wall panels on the television wall neat and soothing when seen. This wooden bed also has a sleeping lamp that is warm and does not hurt the eyes while sleeping. There is a balcony so you can enjoy the view outside the house.

Ground Floor Plan

A farmhouse doesn't have to be wide, with 99sqm you can have a cosy 2-storey farmhouse. on the 1st floor you have :

- porch
- living area
- dining area
- kitchen
- bedroom 1
- toilet and bathroom
- bedroom 2

Second Floor Plan

On the second floor you will find a more private room because there is a family room that is quite wide and comfortable. Here is the room on the second floor. There is a master bedroom as well as a spacious balcony. Immediately have your dream home with this comfortable farmhouse style.
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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Modern Balai

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