Satisfying Loft-Type Tiny House Design Idea (3x6 Meters Only)

Satisfying Loft-Type Tiny House Design Idea (3x6 Meters Only) -- For those of you who are pessimistic because you only have a small land area. no matter how small the size of the land has a solution. this design is suitable for minimalist homes or rentals. here it is Satisfying Loft-Type Tiny House Design Idea (3x6 Meters Only)




The design of this house already shows a simple exterior design model. there is no mistaking the selection of simple dominant paint colours. Next to the door there is a sitting chair and some plants beautify the facade of the house. On the side of the house there is a small balcony with 2 chairs.  





The first floor has an open space that contains 3 areas, namely the living room with 1 minimalist sofa and a small table in front of which there is a shelf and television, next to it is a dining area with 4 simple chairs next to it there is a wide glass window. The kitchen is in the corner with soft coloured furniture and a small window in front of the stove. 






This balcony design idea is right next to the bed. There are 2 seats 1 small round table and artificial grass makes it look green. This place is suitable for chatting with couples and families.


Laundry Area



This home design looks different because the laundry area is outside the house precisely at the back of the house which looks a little space terrace. There is 1 washing machine, and 3 small cabinets containing washing and cleaning needs. laundry area is suitable in an open room because it makes it easier to dry clothes. If you have creative this area can be added with some plants so that the house looks green and fresh. 


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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : Rassel Catapang


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