Quiet & Peaceful Tiny House Design Ideas

 HSdesain.comThe design of a small but minimalist house is certainly very comfortable. A house that is suitable for living alone or with this couple makes anyone feel at home. Either because of the design that makes it comfortable or because the surrounding environment is fresh and natural. In this article, we will discuss a quiet and peaceful tiny house equipped with a swimming pool.

Exterior design

The exterior design of the house which is almost entirely wearing wood material provides a natural and soothing accent. Coupled with windows that are wide enough and on each side, the dwelling is sufficient for lighting and air circulation. Not to forget the outdoor area of the house equipped with a swimming pool and grass that grows around it makes the atmosphere more soothing and relaxing.

Living room

Interior design in this tiny house is not inferior to the minimalist and elegant urban home design. Natural nuances are felt with the many wood materials around the interior. The living room close to the window is wide enough to have a neat design and arrangement. Equipped with carpet, making the living room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Main room

In the main room, there are several sections. such as the living room, TV room, kitchen, and dining room. But the interior of the main room is designed with the middle made empty. So, it will show a spacious impression and make relief.


Located on the upper floor or mezzanine floor, this bedroom has a chic and comfortable design. With a small window and ventilation, it will certainly help the room avoid the stuffy impression. Don't forget to place plants as decorations around this bedroom.


The bathroom that separates the wet and dry areas is quite neatly designed. The design is light and natural nuances of wood elements, giving a calming impression. The plain interior combined with patterns on bathroom tiles gives the impression of a more lively and not boring room.

That's the Quiet & Peaceful Tiny House Design Ideas. Hope you like it!

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