Modern Tropical Duplex - 2-storey House Design


Modern Tropical Duplex -  2-storey House Design -- A duplex or semi-detached house has two living units that are stacked or connected in a vertical layout or side by side. This house is perfect for introverts. for those of you who are interested in having a house with this design. look carefully at the 2-storey house design modern tropical duplex 130sqm




This house looks a combination of 2 colors making the house look luxurious, beside the carport there is a path leading to the back surrounded by beautiful flowers, this makes the house look cool and beautiful. the selection of fences that are not too high in black with the appearance of lines makes the house look minimalist. 

Living Room



There is a spacious living room underneath a cozy fur rug. there is a large sofa around a large television above which a wall panel rises up. what makes the appearance interesting is the long curtains covering the wide glass windows that make the house look very tall.

Dining Room


Under the stairs is used as an attractive and minimalist book storage shelf, next to it is a dining table with 4 chairs and above it there is an aesthetic rattan hanging lamp. On the walls you can see large beautiful paintings making the dining room elegant and luxurious

Floor Plan Design



Duplex house designs are very popular because they do not require more land area. The amount of land owned depends on individual tastes. This is the floor plan of all areas 130sqm, ground floor area 61sqm, second floor 69sqm including

Ground Floor Areas
-Living Area
-Bedroom 01
-Common Toilet & Bath
-Dining Area

Second Floor Areas
- Hallway
-Bedroom 02
-Master Bedroom (with balcony)
-Common Toilet & Bath
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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : Plan B Design Studio


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