Modern Bungalow House Design Only 8 x 12 M with 4-Bedroom (Outdoor Dining + Pool)



Modern Bungalow House Design Only 8 x 12 M with 4-Bedroom (outdoor dining + pool) -- Bungalow houses have become a favourite of some people lately. houses with more space make the value of this house very attractive. Suitable for your family who has more family members. Here is Modern Bungalow House Design Only 8 x 12 M with 4-Bedroom (outdoor dining + pool)







The facade of this house describes that this house is very comfortable, warm and soothing. We can see the front there is a dark brown wood wall panel that is neatly arranged illuminated by a beautiful wall lamp. There is a walk trough going up to the door and on the side is equipped with plants and some beautiful ornamental trees like in a villa.




Living Area


Entering this cosy home you will immediately face a comfortable living room, brown wood vinyl flooring, a large cream sofa, a relaxing seat, a television, next to the sofa there is a wooden shelf as a place to store books and some other home decorations. There are beautiful natural stone tiles complemented by aesthetic paintings. Therefore this room is comfortable for your cheerful family.


Kitchen and Dining Room



The dining room is second only to the living room in terms of comfort. 6 comfortable sofa seats and a thick granite table make the dining area luxurious and are complemented by a luxurious chandelier. The kitchen is also fairly simple and elegant, you will be comfortable doing activities in this comfortable and minimalist kitchen.




Outdoor Dining and Pool


This is the area where your family will surely gather together without missing it, the outside dining table is equipped with a large enough pool, you can also make parties, private family events and so on. The wide dining table is equipped with many comfortable sofa chairs, on the side of the table there are also 3 sofa chairs sitting as a comfortable private area.




Floor Plan 



You will feel like living in a villa all your life if you have this house design, the house design is not too spacious but you can build your dream house, this house has:

-Living Area
-Dining Area
-4 Bedrooms
-3 Toilet &  Bathroom
-Mini Bar
- Laundry
-Outdoor Dining and Garden

That's the  Modern Bungalow House Design Only 8 x 12 M with 4-Bedroom (outdoor dining + pool). Hope you like it! will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Stacked Pnada 

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