Modern Bungalow House Design 11 x 10 Meters (4-Bedrooms) + Floor Plan


Modern Bungalow House Design 11 x 10 Meters (4-Bedrooms) + Floor Plan
 -- The bungalow house design again this time, with 4 comfortable bedrooms. this house has a simple exterior but elegant luxury. This design is suitable for those of you who have more family members. There is a comfortable family gathering place and feel at home in this house. Look good Modern Bungalow House Design 11 x 10 Meter (4-Bedrooms) + Floor Plan.







The facade of this house is soothing, the combination of light and dark grey colours makes the house look comfortable. The front view has stairs leading to a spacious porch, natural stone accents covering the lower wall. The roof of this house is triangular in colour. Coupled with wide glass windows make this house elegant.



Living Room




Entering this beautiful house you are greeted with a spacious living room. Has a cream sofa, glass table, 2 table lamps on each side of the room. Plus shelves and cabinets as a place for beautiful home decorations. It is also embellished with beautiful paintings and luxurious chandeliers.



Dining Area and Kitchen




In contrast to the living room, this area looks warm and soothing with vinyl flooring, a beautiful wooden dining table and chairs, plus an elegant chandelier, next to the dining table there is a small white cupboard as a storage for home decorations above it there is a beautiful painting in the corner of the room there is a kitchen dominated by white colours.



Floor Plan



For those of you who love bungalow designs that have lots of rooms, here is the solution. Measuring 128sqm, this house has:
-Living Area
-Dining Area
-4 Bedrooms
-3 Toilet &  Bathroom
-Outdoor Seating, Dining and Garden
-Lot size: 15 by 15 meters





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Author  : Susi Yanti
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : Stacked Panda


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