Minimalist House Design 6x10 M (2-storey) FLOOR PLAN

Minimalist House Design 6x10 M family friendly (2-storey) FLOOR PLAN -- Modern minimalist home design with a warm and kid-friendly concept. this home design is suitable for couples who already have children, there are several rooms that are suitable for relaxing and playing with family. there is Minimalist House Design 6x10 M family friendly (2-storey) FLOOR PLAN


House with a modern minimalist concept dominated by white and brown colors. wood on the front of the house is installed using a folding fence with hollow iron material and also a white warm mask with a planter box on the front to beautify the facade.



There is a small garden 2x 1meter next to the carport as a place to store plants and greening areas next to it there is also a 3x3 meter terrace provided with seating from concrete material in the upper teenian also paired with wood so that guests feel comfortable. this area is suitable for relaxing with family.

Laundry Room and Inner Core

Beside the living room there is an inner core area measuring 2x3 meters on one side of the wall installed gray and site natural stone tiles and given a few plant shelves in front of it this inner core is very suitable to be used as a laundry area or hobby area with the inner core in the house can help air exchange so that the air in the house is not stuffy and stays fresh.

Kitchen and Dinning Room


The kitchen and dining table is a favorite place for residents as a gathering place when eating together. measuring 3x3 meters, although small, this area is equipped with one dining table and 4 chairs. in the dining table area, a minimalist chandelier is installed to add to the decoration of this room which is also dominated by white and brown colors. on the 1st floor area is deliberately made open by combining several rooms without partitions to take advantage of limited space.

Living Room

The first area on the 2nd floor is the family room. measuring 3x3 meters used to relax with the family equipped with two bean bags and 1 small table in the middle. this room is also equipped with a television.This area is suitable for watching movies together and spending the weekend with family

Floor Plan 

This minimalist design is suitable and safe for families with 3 bedrooms 2 toilets, living room, kitchen and dining room front and back, and also a laundry room.This design is specifically designed to be family friendly, even though it is small, every room is utilized perfectly. will always share with you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : Vire studio

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