Feng Shui 5 Simple Tips to Renovate a Bedroom

 HSdesain.com - Renovating the bedroom with Feng Shui is also a good idea. This method will make the atmosphere feel comfortable and also obtain other positive influences. Here are the tips about renovating your bedroom with Feng Shui.

Bedroom and wide window


The bedroom is part of our life and important for us. Because this is the place we spend most of our time resting and recharging energy after a busy day. You can design the bedroom in the right way and make sure the room gets light and good air circulation.

Functional lighting


You can install more than one lamp in the bedroom. Besides the main lamp, you can install the sleep lamp. Use a good design of the lamp that makes the bedroom feel comfortable.

Arrange and rearrange the existing furniture


The goal is to make the bedroom feel comfortable to rest. Don't put too much furniture in the bedroom that may cause feel cramped and claustrophobic. So, it will make you don't get enough space to rest comfortably.

The perfect bedroom for twins


Requires two beds in one room that is used for the twins' room. Or it can even be occupied by siblings if they so desire. You can make a matching design on the bed to look beautiful and stunning.

Calming wall paint makes a good mood


Applying light or calm colors can certainly improve your mood. Use the right combination so that the bedroom looks chic and does not hurt the eyes.

That's the Feng Shui 5 Simple Tips to Renovate a Bedroom. Hope you like it!

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