Best Modern House for Luxurious Style - Kerala Home Design and Interior -- Modern home lovers come together! This home design might be just what you're looking for to build an impressive and timeless home. This is an inspiration from the Kerala house which has been quite popular lately and does have a very interesting look. For some inspiration, check out Best Modern House for Luxurious Style - Kerala Home Design and Interior.

Modern 2-storey Kerala house

The first house design has a warm look with a combination of ash tones on the walls while wooden doors and windows are used to give a warmer touch. On the second floor, there is a spacious open balcony with a glass railing that appears more dynamic.

Elevated design for modern house

Elevation house designs are popular for giving a modern touch to buildings and this one is no exception. The gable roof model is applied in the center with the right and left areas using a flat roof that is more minimalist and gives an elegant impression. The cantilever design on the second floor of the building also provides a firm and more impressive structure for a kerala house with a modern design.

Modern house for big land

Kerala houses are always synonymous with a warm look and provide natural elements including on the exterior appearance. The large size of this house feels even more perfect with fresh finishing details in the form of trailing plants and large-leaved tropical plants.

Interior of kerala house

Not only the yard can be filled with a garden, the interior can too. A dry gravel garden planted with plants that can survive in an indoor area is perfect for the empty space near the lounge area. To keep the plants growing well, put in a large window that can let in light better.

Kitchen and mini bar table

Combine the interior with the addition of a contemporary area such as a bar counter around the kitchen. A spacious kitchen will be very attractive with the addition of a bar counter so that the room appears more modern and still has an optimal function.

Large bedroom with natural touch

A spacious bedroom still feels fresh and not monotonous with the right touch of color and decoration. Such as the use of green color juxtaposed with house plants, and also some decorations that can be arranged neatly on the wall. Large windows are also one of the identities of Kerala homes so don't forget them including for the bedroom area.

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