Best Modern and Contemporary Kerala House Design -- Kerala homes come from a region of southern India that is known for its long and stunning coastline. Kerala is an area with an even climate and is a comfortable place to live. Kerala house models also have many models ranging from traditional to modern. Here are some ideas that you can use as a reference. Check out Best Modern and Contemporary Kerala House Design.

Warm vibes for kerala house

This first Kerala home design is highly appealing as it looks elegant and luxurious. Many windows are featured at the front so it will radiate warmth when the lights are on at night. Although the house is large, the porch is not something that will be presented with a large area. The owner will prefer to spend time with the family privately inside the house.

Modern kerala house that looks airy

Modern touches cannot be left out, including in the design aspect of the house. This more modern model has a clean, elegant and fresh facade. The combination of white color with natural stone can provide a powerful variation to the Kerala house. The roof structure is also made more contemporary by reducing excessive details. Then, the many large windows in the Kerala house will provide excellent energy efficiency so that it saves electricity when light enters more optimally.

A touch of minimalist

Minimalist does not mean small. The simple details and neat touches of minimalist design can also be combined with a 2-storey kerala house that will appear more futuristic. This house design combines light and dark tones and plays a very balanced role. The interesting structure with multiple balconies will provide better and functional space utilization.

Magnificent display for the best facilities

Multiple access points are also one of the characteristics of a kerala home so that the owner can more easily enter the interior. Despite having a contemporary design, this Kerala house still gives a traditional touch using natural materials such as wood and bricks on the exterior. Then, the gable roof model in some parts also still makes the kerala house unchanged from its essence. The tall and spacious structure is also able to make the house appear impressive and highly marketable.

Vastu tips for modern kerala homes

Not only paying attention to the exterior that looks magnificent, Kerala houses also have some inherent things that seem to bring goodness to the owner. For example, the entrance, guest area, and office face north, the toilet and laundry area face southwest, the bedroom faces northwest, and the study faces west.

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