Beautiful Blue Bungalow Design Brings Homey

 HSdesain.comBeautiful bungalows with natural views are very pleasing to the eye. Not only that, the fresh atmosphere also makes anyone feel at home and comfortable to stay in this bungalow. In this article, we will discuss the design of blue bungalows that make you feel at home.

Front terrace

First is the front porch of the bungalow. It has a navy blue and white design, and the presence of wood elements on the chairs on the terrace makes a fresh impression. Complete this terrace area by placing a carpet that has a matching color design to look matching and stunning.


A fairly large yard, both the backyard and front yard makes the facilities in this bungalow more complete. You can use the yard area to create facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, patios, and so on. Overgrown with grass, making the yard area not feel barren and certainly making the atmosphere calming.

Living room

The interior of this house wears a design that has bright shades. This is so that the room can look bigger and airy. The use of wood floors adds more comfort and a warm impression. Coupled with the concept of open space, it can give the impression of a residence that is quite comfortable and not narrow.


Giving patterns to the bedroom design will certainly reduce the impression of monotony. Coupled with the decoration of plants in the corner of the bedroom, it can provide its own comfort.

Dining room

This dining room occupies an empty area between the living room and the kitchen. In addition, the dining table can also be used as an indirect barrier between the two rooms. A minimalist and not-too-complicated design certainly makes the dining room feel comfortable.


The kitchen which has a design like a hallway is a connection from the living room area. With a chic design and an inline kitchen table, it can save space. The presence of windows can help this kitchen area not lack light and stuffy.

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