89 SQM Bungalow House Design (3-Bedrooms) + Floor Plan

 89 SQM Bungalow House Design Stunning Interior (3-Bedrooms)

-- Bungalow house design interesting design ideas for those of you who have many family members, designs with stunning interiors make the residents of the house comfortable and satisfying to live in. Here is 89sqm bungalow house design stunning interior (3-Bedrooms)



The facade of this house looks simple and modest but the interior of this house is luxurious and elegant. A combination of 3 white colours on the wall paint, natural stone on the side walls and a bottle green roof. There is a small garden and stairs up to the door, on the side of this house there is a small terrace and carport.

Living Room



Take a look at the inside of this house because the interior of this house is amazing. Entering the house is greeted with a long white sofa and a table on which there is a beautiful vase of flowers. In front of the sofa there is a hanging television shelf, a white ambalan shelf as a place for decorations. Next to the television there is a beautiful table lamp, which makes it stunning this room has some amazing paintings plus small vases. There are 2 lamps and plants in the corner of the room making this room look luxurious.

Dining Area


Stunning furniture can be seen starting from the white cabinet shelves filled with large and small vases, neatly arranged books, lamps and vintage home accessories. Not forgetting this area is equipped with a beautiful chandelier and a painting underneath a small ambiance. 




As stunning as the living room, the kitchen is well-appointed and complete in terms of colour and shape. Dominated by white and fitted with a beautiful large lamp, the side of the kitchen has an aesthetically pleasing mini bar that makes the homeowners comfortable in the kitchen area.


Floor Plan Design


Here is what you are waiting for 89sqm house design plans with stunning interiors. Has complete facilities, namely:

3 Bedrooms
2 Toilet & Bath
Living Area
Dining Area
Study Space
Storage Room
Laundry Area

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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : D' House of Art

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