7 Best Design for Modern and Contemporary Kerala House

HSdesain.com -- Kerala is a part of India that is the name of a house with a style that is characterized by grandeur and luxury. These days, Kerala style homes are in high demand so the following ideas might help you find inspiration to build a Kerala style home. Check out 7 Best Designs for Modern and Contemporary Kerala House.

Luxurious house design

This first Kerala home is characterized by its luxurious and stunning appearance. The porch is at the edge, giving the impression of a wide house. Then the roof area uses glass details that give a more modern and not monotonous touch.

Warm and sturdy look

This next Kerala house has a warm appearance at night as light emanates from the many large windows visible from the front facade. The exterior is finished in earthy and warm colors to create this atmosphere. At the front, there is also a carport that has a lower roof model but with a matching design.

Modern build with attractive structure

The modern concept cannot be separated from various aspects including the Kerala design house. This is a modern style that makes the house have a more elegant structure. Flat roofs are very attractive when combined with buildings that are made to have elevations. Windows with simpler frames are one of the characteristics of a house with a modern touch.

Minimalist kerala house

For kerala house designs with a more minimalist touch, it will be very suitable to be applied to smaller sizes. A box-type structure with a more majestic look is a representation of a minimalist Kerala house. Keep giving natural elements such as wood or natural stone on the exterior because it still brings out the identity of a kerala-style building.

Like one storey house

For a simpler yet very attractive look, you can copy this 2-storey house design idea. The lower building can be seen from the roof which is made large and covers almost most of the second floor of the house. The use of a roof like this will make the house feel more shady.

Add fresh garden around house

One interesting component to combine with the grandeur of a Kerala home is the fresh garden surrounding it. The remaining land in front, side, and back of the house will become a fresh green area and can make the Kerala house not only have a beautiful building but also surrounded by a fresh peaceful garden.

Unique details in exterior area

It's not unusual when you dare to give your home a unique touch. This Kerala house design appears attractive with a curved roof that becomes a more eye-catching dimension on the exterior. The rest of the roof remains a common design to give it an unusual look in a positive sense.








That's the 7 Best Design for Modern and Contemporary Kerala House. Hope you like it!

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