6,5 x 8 M Small House Design with Roof Deck (52sqm) 2 Bedrooms


 6,5 x 8 M Small House Design with Roof Deck (52sqm) 2 Bedrooms

HSDesain.com -- Small house design is back in front of you with a cozy roof deck, the floor plan of this design is 52sqm a perfect place for your small family with 2 bedrooms. Here it is 6.5 x 8 M small house design with roof deck (52sqm) 2 bedrooms 


The front of this house has been shown a small staircase to enter the house beside which there is a neat arrangement of natural wood. On the front wall is decorated with beautiful natural stone as a whole from top to bottom. The corner looks glass windows with black edge lines. Do not forget that next to the corner there is a circular staircase up to the minimalist roof deck, there is 1 leather sofa and some seating looks this house is comfortable for your small family.

Living Room

The first part of the entrance immediately shows the living room with 1 small sofa and a minimalist round table. Equipped with a television right in front of the natural wood setting and as a partition with the kitchen. This wood accent adds to the simple and minimalist impression of this house.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Minimalist and elegant this kitchen is decorated with brown natural stone around the kitchen set, beside which is also a laundry room. Beside it is also a dining table with 4 chairs enhanced by an attractive chandelier.


Floor Plan Design 

This minimalist house that fits a small family has several facilities such as a living room, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen on the outside there is a roof deck. Don't hesitate to bring this design to your dreams even though it is small this design is minimalist and elegant.





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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

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