3-Bedrooms Bungalow House Design with Floor Plan (75 SQM)


3-Bedroom Bungalow House Design with Floor Plans

HSDesain.com -- The bungalow design is still a favorite in many countries both in city areas and beach resorts. One-story homes can be just as bright, airy, and spacious as homes that have more than one floor. This one-story design ensures that single-level living doesn't mean small rooms, narrow corridors, and lack of storage space. let's take a look at a 3-bedroom bungalow house design with floor plans.


the appearance of this bungalow house is very stunning, you can see the selection of dark and light gray colors combined with natural stone in the corner of the wall. on the side of the wooden beam arrangement that is neatly arranged to be a suitable combination for the facade of this house. moreover, there is a terrace that is patterned with elegant natural stone next to it there are lush plants that make the house look fresh.


This roof is flat with a flat surface, horizontal, elongated, and without side meetings. The advantage of this roof is its minimalist shape, making it suitable for the impression of a modern minimalist house with a concise and elegant appearance. equipped with sufficient air circulation so as not to cause excessive heat.

Living Room



This family room is suitable for gathering because there is a long sofa carpet underneath and a medium table in the middle. the choice of light colors makes the house look clean plus lighting from the top wall. the house becomes elegant when placed granit stone behind the door and a combination of brown wall panels.

Dining and Kitchen Area

The color combination of white furniture and gray paint this kitchen looks clean accent wall panel neat and minimalist chandelier impressed simple modern kitchen. there is a door next to the dining table connecting with the lanai. look plants in pots neatly arranged eating with family becomes harmonious.

Floor plan design 


This design including Carport, porch, living area, master bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, dining and kitchen area, service area, and lanai.on the side of the house there is a path that can be used to play with the family. or simply grow a hobby of planting flowers and others.


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Author   : Susi Yanti

Editor    : Munawaroh

Source  : RG Sebastian Builder


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