276 sqm Contemporary House Design in 2-Storey

 HSdesain.comBuilt with an area of 276 sqm, this 2-storey house looks not outdated. The design that adapts to trends and applies contemporary style provides a comfortable residential accent. Check out the following review for a more complete design.

Exterior design

The front view of the house is designed with the dominance of white and natural elements. The front area of the house itself has a terrace, garage, and balcony. This spacious front yard is in a slick design, which is a combination of paving and grass.

Living room

The design of this living room is more attractive with world map decorations on the white walls. Equipped with a time difference, it further accents the living room's elegance and smartness.

Family area

Located near the stairs, this living room area has a minimalist and compact design but is still spacious. with a TV hung on the wall certainly saves more space. For the divider between rooms in this house, apply sliding doors to make it more efficient.

Relaxing spot

Fresh and soothing terrace, this small area equipped with an indoor garden can be used as a place of worship or a relaxing area. Only use the materials needed so that this small room is not stuffy and messy.

Gray bedroom

Elegant gray shades appear in this minimalist bedroom. In addition, the presence of wooden elements on the furniture and also the palette as decoration makes the atmosphere more fresh and comfortable.

Dining room

This dining area is close to the kitchen area. Besides being filled with dining table sets, there is also a sink and a small mini bar table as a barrier to the kitchen area. Aesthetic design with unique lights makes the dining room feel luxurious.


An elegant design featuring a combination of white and gray makes this letter L kitchen look beautiful and simple. Not only plain, there is also a patterned design that makes the kitchen not look monotonous.

That's the 276 sqm Contemporary House Design in 2-Storey. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Facebook - Home Plan & Design (WeArch Developers)

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