14 x 15 M Simple House Design with 4 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.com1-storey minimalist house that has a size of 14m x 15m. Simple design and equipped with a carport, makes it comfortable. Below is a review of simple minimalist homes that you can see and make inspired.

Front view

Front view of the house, this house has a triangular roof. With the terrace in the middle of the house, this large yard area can be used as a carport. There are also several plants that decorate the front area of the house so as to make the house look more fresh and beautiful.

Back view

For the back area of the house, the design looks simple. With a terrace on the side or corner of the house, making the design look relieved. The empty area at the back of the house can be used to create a garden so that the atmosphere around the house is fresher and more natural.

Side 1 view

There is an indentation area in the middle of the side view of this house. Instead of being left empty, use these grooves by laying or growing several plants. Arrange neatly so that this area is not messy and dirty.

Side 2 view

On the other hand, the side area of this house has a terrace in the back corner. The slick design of the terrace pole and the hole certainly makes it look chic and aesthetic.

Floor plan

The floor plan in this house has 4 bedrooms equipped with a bathroom in each room. And in the middle, there is a gathering point area, namely the family room or living room.

That's the 14 x 15 M Simple House Design with 4 Bedrooms. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Facebook - HOUSE DESIGN & 3D FLOOR PLANS (Renato House Plans)

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