Monochrome Tone of a 2-Storey Minimalist Home is So Tempting

 HSdesain.comAs the name suggests, monochrome is a design with one color. Often monochrome is synonymous with neutral colors, such as black, white, brown, gray, and so on. Applying your own monochrome design can provide a beautiful and different residential accent. For that, the review below will be presented to you regarding the design of a 2-story monochrome house.

Facade home design

The design of the façade of the house which is dominated by white looks clean and beautiful. Not only white, with black being the couple, making this 2-story minimalist house look slick and not monotonous. Supported by orange lighting, giving a warm accent to this residence.

Fresh corner

Empty space in the house can be used for a beautiful and gorgeous design. You can create a minimalist garden in this area. No need for many plants, enough plants that are suitable so that this space has a beautiful and stylish appearance.

Functional tiny wall

Who still hesitates to design a wall at home? No need to worry or be confused, you can punch holes in the walls of the house which will be used as shelves or storage. Not only storage, you can use this wall as a place to display some decorations or ornaments for a beautiful room.

Simple living room

Simple design and arrangement in the living room will certainly produce a beautiful and comfortable room. No need for a lot of furniture or items, just the important or needed for a comfortable and stylish living room.

High bedroom design

Although it has a minimalist design, you need some tactics for a room that is comfortable and has certain accents. like this tiny bedroom for example. With the presence of windows, you can install curtains as a protector.

Use curtains that are long to touch the floor for a taller, airier accent of the room. Use curtains with colors that match the design of the room to appear more matching.

Dining room area

You can make the kitchen and dining room in one room to be more efficient. The right arrangement and maximizing the existing space will certainly make the room neater and more comfortable.

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Author  : Yuniar
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