Elegant Small House Design With 2 Bedroom + House Plan (6 x 8 M)


HSdesain.com - The design of this 6 x 8 M house has a modern and attractive look. If you have a limited-sized land you can apply this house design. Although it has a small size this house is equipped with complete facilities so you can maximize its function.

Facade Design

In appearance, the facade of this house has an attractive appearance. The combination of white and Black will make the house feel elegant. In the appearance of the facade of this house is equipped with a black door and also a glass window that uses a black frame so that it looks in line with the design of the house in use.

Living Room Design 

Enter the house there is a living room and dining room in one room so as to maximize its function. The living room that uses a sofa bed in warm and natural colors is made with The Shape of the letter L so as not to take up much space. As for the dining room using a chair set of wood material that is simple but comfortable.

Bedroom Design 

For the design of this bedroom presents a size that is wide enough so that it can provide comfort for homeowners. The bedroom is equipped with a fairly large mattress in white. You can also put a nightstand next to the mattress that can be used as a bed lamp. In addition there is also a closet with a large mirror so as to give the illusion of the room looks great.

Floor Plan 

This small house consists of :

- Porch  

- Living Room 

- Dining Room & Kitchen 

- Bathroom 

- 2 Bedroom 

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Author  : Dwi

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