Inspiring Awesome House Design Idea

Inspiring Awesome House Design Idea. -- Having a beautiful and beautiful house may be your dream in building a house. The design below will discuss the design of a beautiful and comfortable house. So, check out Inspiring Awesome House Design Idea.


អូនស្អាត ម៉ៅការសំណង់

The elegant and beautiful exterior design of the spirit with the dominance of white color makes the appearance of the house feel elegant and luxurious. In addition, the beautiful door and window design is also a brilliant idea. This house uses a flat roof which has advantages, namely, easy construction, water flow can easily go down and of course a charming appearance.

Spacious room

អូនស្អាត ម៉ៅការសំណង់
Entering the house there is a large space that you can make into a living area and family room. Placing a few sofas, tables, and tv is the right idea to do. This room is designed with simple and luxurious with the dominance of white color.

Bedroom inspiration

Elisabetta ITALIANBARK | interior+design+trends

This is the bedroom inspiration to fill this house. This room design still uses the dominance of white for almost all furniture such as beds, tables, and pillows. This design is perfect for those of you who like white.

Bedroom inspiration

Urban Outfitters 

Now we move on to the second bedroom inspiration. This bedroom has a simple look with a beautiful color combination between black and white. This design is perfect for those of you who don't want to use a bed.

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