Edwardian House with A Wealth Period Detail Interior

HSDesain.com -- For those of you who are looking for a Edwardian House, maybe this article is suitable for you, because it will discuss about Edwardian house which has 5 bedrooms and period detail interior. So, check out Edwardian House with A Wealth Period Detail Interior.


As you know, the Edwardian house is quite popular these day. It has simple and classic, elegance and luxurious appearance, so as this design. Applied couple of giant windows as a symbol of prosperity in the early 20th century.

Rear view

This house has a wonderful south facing roof terrace and a tranquil south facing garden. This kind of design has a bunch of advantage such as, more sunlight to enter that make this area more warmer. Having beautiful backyard make us want to look at it all day, and this design is perfectly designed.

Dining area

Make an eating together event more enjoyable with comfortable and detailed design of dining area while facing your backyard. This room has a neutral color. Such a big-family friendly house, equipped with many chairs. There is a mini bar near dining area.

Family room

Not far from dining area, there is a family area that designed with trendy and stylish look with some period detail in some furniture make it more awesome with perfect color combination. The backyard really take a great part of assuring the comfort and the view.

Living area

Moving on to the living area, this area is full of the signs of its Edwardian origin and plenty of elaborate architectural details, such as a wealth period detail of fireplace. This house has used a neutral palette from the interiors with white wall make the good impression.

That's Edwardian House with A Wealth Period Detail Interior Perhaps this article might help you to find out your own home design. 

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