7 x 10 M 2-Storey Luxurius Small House Design With 3 Bedroom


HSdesain.com - This house with a size of 7 x 10 M has a modern look and is suitable for those of you who live in urban areas. For those of you who have a family with quite a lot of members then you can use the concept of a two-story house so that you can maximize its function and can provide comfort for the family.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of this house presents a house using the dominance of white so that it can give the impression of charming and luxurious. The house is equipped with complete facilities. In the appearance of the facade of this house there are doors and glass windows with a large size so as to maximize the lighting that enters the house.

House Side Design 

For the roof of this house using a sloping roof design made with 2 planes with the same slope. The use of this sloping roof design will be in line with the minimalist concept that you want to present. The installation of a sloping roof is also easier and cheaper with other roof models such as the pyramid. So it can prevent leakage in the house.

Central Room 

Living Room Design 

Plain color selection is used in a neat combination and still puts forward the concept that remains natural. The staircase design that this house has is in the middle of the room with a transparent glass railing that makes it look elegant. This room also has a wide window design to provide a beautiful and enchanting view.

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