455 sqm House Design | 2-Storey Elegant Villa with 5 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comThe villa house is designed on 2 floors and has an elegant and fancy concept that doesn't make the design look excessively glamorous. With a modern minimalist concept, this villa house is suitable for large families. Check out the review below for details.

Gate area

The fenced area is in the design of variations. Between the white permanent concrete fence and the sliding fence with wood material. The decoration of lights on the concrete fence, as well as the presence of plants along the fence, makes the surrounding environment not feel hot and remains fresh.

Facade looks

Indeed, the appearance of the façade of this villa house looks magnificent and luxurious. With a combination of white, cream, gold, and wood elements, making the residence elegant but still calm.

Garage design

For this garage area, there are two parts. the inside as well as the outside. On the outside, there is still a roof but does not have a cover fence. As for the inside, this design protrudes inward after the garage on the outside. A minimalist folding divider will make the garage simpler and not take up much space.

Corner spot

On the exterior, there is a loose corner area. Use this corner area to create useful facilities. such as patios, gardens, and so on. This will certainly make residents more comfortable.

Living room area

A luxury but minimalist design appears in this living room. With glossy material there is a suitable pattern, making the room look stylish.

Dining room design

Located after the living room, this dining room has a fairly large space. With a fairly long table, this area is suitable for large families to eat together. The decoration around with a touch of gold makes the room more fancy and glamorous but still simple according to size.


Minimalist design in the bathroom is certainly very helpful for the room to stay neat. With built-in storage, it will save space in this bathroom. Do not forget to install additional lighting for a comfortable room and avoid the gloomy impression.

That's the 455 sqm House Design | 2-Storey Elegant Villa with 5 Bedrooms. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

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