3-Storey Compact House Design 44 sqm with Rooftop

 HSdesain.comThis 44 sqm residence looks chic and comfortable. Consisting of 3 floors, this residence also has a rooftop at the top as a suitable place to relax and enjoy the surrounding environment.

Mini terrace garden

Having a fairly small width, this house also has a terrace in front of it. The design of the terrace area neatly seems to be used to create a beautiful and fresh mini garden. Decorate by installing spotlights as lighting in this terrace garden area.

Entering view

Once you enter this minimalist house, you will see the step area to go to the main room. Across the steps, there are cabinets and mirrors that can be used as a storage place for sandals and also make up or check yourself before or after going out.

Spacious living room

The ground floor consisting of the living room, kitchen, and dining room is designed without partitions. A slick design and a combination of natural elements make the room feel more natural and fresh.

Kitchen area

The kitchen area that is made close to the wall is designed using an inline concept. This will certainly save space around it. The use of shelves in the kitchen helps make the area look neat and not messy and narrow.

Bedroom design

Gray shades in this bedroom look neat and stylish. Combining white and plants makes the bedroom area fresher and makes sleep feel sound.

Fresh rooftop design

The rooftop area with long benches around the fence makes the design more stylish and maximal. Not only that, the presence of plants and the roof make the area more comfortable and suitable for relaxing or enjoying the atmosphere of the environment.

That's the 3-Storey Compact House Design 44 sqm with Rooftop. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : rumahminimalisid

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