Minimalist 2-Storey Muji House Design in a Relaxed Tone - This 2-storey house that has an aesthetic design has a calm tone. With a neutral color design, of course, it will make the residence more soothing and will also feel more spacious.

The facade design

The unique design of the facade makes it stunning and perfect to take some pictures. And the color that uses neutral color will make the house look calm and bring relaxation to everyone who sees it and live in it.

Calming main room

Likewise with the interior, also using neutral colors that make perfect and matching designs. And the wooden floor or vinyl also brings a warm effect to this interior. Combine the interior design with wood elements for a natural effect.

Bedrooms design

Many ways to design and decorate the bedroom. The basic that using neutral hues like other rooms, it will make the bedroom feel comfortable. Then, you can design the bed nicely as the dweller.

For the master bedroom, there are large spaces that will make you allow to have space for a wardrobe. You can use a cabinet or build on the wardrobe with a wall barrier. Make sure to design nicely and get the right placement for a stunning and neat bedroom.

Soothing space

There are empty spots in this Muji house. You can leave them empty or use them for functional areas. Even as a vacuum area, you still use the right arrangement and keep clean this area which will bring a cozy home design.

Cozy kitchen design

A linear kitchen table with a small kitchen island will make the kitchen design feel comfortable. Such in general, you can make the kitchen design nice and also use good placement for tidy and clean spots.

The bathroom

The bathroom looks aesthetic with the right design and decoration. Still using neutral hues, it will make the bathroom feel bigger and more spacious. Make sure to use good storage that will help the bathroom from messy.

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Facebook - MUJI Minimal Style by Sissay Group

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