Adorable 2-Storey House with Gray Walls - This unique house with a gray wall design looks chic and simple. At first glance, the facade of this house looks like a Darth Vader's helmet or some even say it looks like a Squidward house. It's up to how you interpret it. With the right design, this house feels comfortable to live in. Check out the following review for more complete results.

Facade design

As you can see, the outside appearance of this house has gray walls which will give a dark impression if not equipped with lights on the walls. Not only that, the terrace area of the house is also neatly designed and can be used as an outdoor living room.

Large courtyard

And this 2-story house also has a large courtyard that will make satisfy. You can grow grass in the courtyard that will bring useful and functional for every activity.

Entering door looks

This ground floor wears a design without partitions. The living room becomes one room with a dining room and kitchen. From the entrance, you will be presented with a living room on the left side and a dining room on the right side. Where there is a TV that hangs on the wall to save space.

Living room

Has sloping walls, and a living room area design, and decorates nicely. You can place the sofa close to the wall and put the additional lamps as the lighting in the corner area. Or you can place some potted plants to enhance the living room atmosphere.


Even if placed in a small area, the kitchen gets the right placement and uses a compact style. You can make a rack and cabinet that will bring tidiness to the kitchen area. Get good lamps for lighting in the kitchen that will make you feel cozy cooking in this area.

Second-floor design

And the second floor is used for a private spot in this house. You can make the second-floor use for the workspace and bedroom area. Which is the workspace place near the stairway, and the bedroom place after the workspace area.


The bedroom complete with a balcony which is it will make a relaxing spot. You can use a sliding door with transparent material for the barrier between the bedroom and the balcony area. Make sure to use good design and placement and also use minimizing concepts that will avoid the bedroom from being messy and narrow.

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Author  : Yuniar
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