A Cozy Way to Live with 3 Bedroom - 8 x 11 M Modern House Design

HSdesain.com -- Home design is important before starting to build a house. Planning becomes an aspect that goes into the design of the house so that the owner can prepare everything more easily and in detail. For an example of a modern-style house design equipped with 3 bedrooms, check out the following ideas.

House facade design

The facade is the first impression of the house so it is important to create an eye-catching design. This house design has a warm look with the application of beige color combined with natural stones that make the house look natural and will be very integrated when it has a garden in the yard. In addition, this house also has a large enough porch that can be used as a functional area.

Living room design

Entering the interior, there is a living room with some furniture as amenities. In addition to the sofa, this living room can also be filled with several other furniture with the remaining space that remains comfortable. For the decoration, some plants and wall displays will make the room look more beautiful.

Dining room design

The dining area has a fresh and warm look using wooden and rattan furniture that will look stunning when exposed to light. This dining area also has large windows and a large back door so that you can enjoy a more cool and open view.

Kitchen design

Not far from the dining area is the kitchen with a white kitchen set that is also equipped with a mini bar that makes the house look more stylish. The dominant white color makes this kitchen look spacious and elegant. Lighting can also spread more optimally.

Floor plan design

This house design has a size of 8 x 11 meters with several rooms that make the family have comfortable facilities. There is a living area, dining area, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms. See the detailed floor plan and size in the picture above.





 That's the A Cozy Way to Live with 3 Bedroom - 8 x 11 M Modern House Design. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Hafidza
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