77 Sqm Natural House Design with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms


HSdesain.com -- The home design this time has a warm appearance and is suitable for creating a tropical look so that your house looks more attractive. With a size of 7 x 11 meters, the design of this house is also equipped with comfortable and complete facilities for the owner and his family. For design and floor plan details, check 77 Sqm Natural House Design with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms.

House facade design

For the appearance of the facade, the design of this house has a fresh touch in the form of natural stone which is applied to some of the exterior walls. The addition of this natural stone will be a variety of colors and textures so that the house looks more attractive. Apart from that, for the roof design, this house uses a pyramid model which is made to cover the building more perfectly so that the house will last longer from heat and rain.

Living room design

Entering the interior, there is a living room that has a comfortable space with a capacity of more than 5 so it would be perfect to serve as a gathering area with family. This living area also has a partition wall with the addition of slatted wood which is also used as an area to place the television to make it more space saving.

Dining area design

As for the next area, there is a dining area behind the partition. There is a wooden table with minimalist chairs that are neatly arranged. To provide a warmer atmosphere, the addition of a pendant light that is not too bright will make the dining area perfect for an intimate dinner.

Kitchen design

After the dining area, there is a kitchen with a warm look that matches the other areas. The kitchen is more dominant with wood color combined with white so it's not monotonous. Apart from a small window for circulation, this kitchen also has a door to the back and can be opened to further maximize air quality in the kitchen.

Floor plan design

This 7 x 11 meter house has several rooms, such as a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. See floor plan details and sizes in the image above.




That's the 77 Sqm Natural House Design with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Hafidza
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