7 x 8 M Warm Two-Storey House Design with 4 Bedrooms


One idea that is widely used to still create complete facilities on limited land is to build a 2-storey house. The following is a 2-storey house idea that comes with 4 bedrooms that are enough for a family. For detailed designs and floor plans, check out 7 x 8 M Warm Two-Storey House Design with 4 Bedrooms.

 House facade design

The facade is an important area because it creates an impression of the house. This house design has an attractive appearance by combining plain colors with texture variations in the form of natural stones with color gradations that remain unified. The gable roof used in the window area also adds an interesting dimension to the exterior of the house. 

In addition, if you want to add a carport, the owner can also add a roof deck that can be used as a functional additional area.

Interior design

Entering the interior, this house has interesting details by combining a natural and minimalist look. The minimalist look can be seen applied to some plain walls with soft colors. 

In addition, there are also natural details applied to the walls in the form of natural stones and also marble motifs on the floor. With this combination, the owner does not need any additional decorations to make the room look attractive.

Kitchen and dining area design

Moving on to the next area, there is an adjacent dining area and kitchen. The dining area has a wooden table with a few chairs placed near the window, making it look warmer. As for the kitchen, it has an L-shaped kitchen set combined with a bar counter that makes it look more stylish.

Bedroom design

The house also has 4 bedrooms and this is one of the designs. The room is just the right size, has a neatly organized bed and leaves space for a side table. Also, to save space, additional decorations on the wall area is the perfect way.

Floor plan design

This 2-storey house has a size of 7 x 8.4 meters with several facilities inside. On the first floor area there is a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. As for the second floor area, there are 3 other bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, and a cool lounge area. See the floor plan in the picture above.





That's the 7 x 8 M Warm Two-Storey House Design with 4 Bedrooms. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Hafidza
Editor   : Munawaroh
Source : RG Sebastian Builders


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