10m x 10m House Design | 2-Storey with 5 Bedrooms

 HSdesain.comThe design of the 2-storey house which has a size of approximately 100 sqm has a modern design but is still simple. With a trendy accent, making anyone who lives in it feel at home. Moreover, there are 5 bedrooms, of course, this house is suitable for large families.

Facade house design

The prominent wooden elements in this 2-story house make the accent feel more natural and have a cool atmosphere. Not only that, the garage next to the house also completes the completeness of the facilities in this 10 x 10-meter house.

Floor plan

The floor plan of the first floor is as follows:

  • porch
  • garage
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen area
  • dirty kitchen
  • storage room
  • bathroom
  • bedroom
And for the second floor, just filled with bedrooms, a bathroom, a family area, and a balcony.

Living room area

Located at the front of the house, this living room has a chic design. Actually, the main room area on the first floor is designed without walls as a barrier between rooms. Like this living room that uses wood panels as a barrier with the next room.

Dining room

The design of the dining room is also arranged in such a way for matching and comfortable results. With pallet dividers and thin walls, this dining room seems to have its own room.


The letter-U design in the kitchen makes it more functional and efficient. With a touch of patterned wood and ceramic elements, making this kitchen area more chic and eye-catching. Do not forget to make good lighting so that the kitchen still looks stylish.


This bedroom design has a minimalist divider. Which divider is useful for separating the sleeping area and also the study area or workspace area. However, with the right design and arrangement, of course, it makes this bedroom look airy and also relieved.

Back and side house

There is land left in the side and back areas of the house. This can be used for functional things such as parks, laundry areas, or dirty kitchen areas. For the design of this house, the back or side area of the house is used as a garden and also a dirty kitchen. By installing a pallet as a roof, it will certainly protect the kitchen area from erratic weather.

That's the 10m x 10m House Design | 2-Storey with 5 Bedrooms. Hope you like it!

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Author  : Yuniar
Editor   : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube - V-Arch Design

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