One-Storey Small Bungalow House Design Idea (6 m x 15 m)

One-Storey Small Bungalow House Design Idea (6 m x 15 m) -- This ambient house could be one of your inspirations if you are looking for a cozy dream house design in a small space. This is One-Storey Small Bungalow House Design Idea (6 m x 15 m). 


This simple house has a simple look but still charming. Pastel brown color dominates, completed with some stone decorations around the pillar. The combination of several ornaments makes the house feel warmer and more comfortable

Rear view

The view of the house from the side looks simple. Well-designed and beautiful windows make the side of the house look neat. You can also place some supporting plants under the window.

Living area

Entering the inside of the house, it has a warm and comfy look. With a large area, you can place some of your favorite furniture. Wooden floors combined with white walls make the room more comfortable.

Kitchen and dining area

Not far from the living area, there is a kitchen and dining area. Still using the same theme as the living area. This area is designed very elegantly and beautifully with a combination of brown and white colors.


The bedroom also applies the same thing with brown and white color domination. You can utilize a large area by placing a large bed and some supporting furniture, such as chairs and tables.

This One-Storey Small Bungalow House Design Idea(6 m x 15 m)  is perfect for those looking for an ideal house for a tiny lot but still wanting a lovely and relaxing house. will always share you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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Author    : Devi Milania

Editor     : Munawwaroh

Source   : EhDisenyo


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