6 x 10 m House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan

6 x 10 m House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan

HSDesain.com -- Having a tiny house makes it harder to design every space so that stays functional. To save space, consider a less furniture design. The dream house does not always have to be large. Even a tiny house can provide happiness. Here is A 6 x 10 m House Design Idea with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan.


The design of the house from the outside looks beautiful and elegant. Putting some chairs on the terrace seems to be the right idea. The Shape of the front of the house is made anti-mainstream . You can also place some plants around the House.

Living room

The selection of emerald green, black and white colors seems to never fail in making the room feel comfortable. Minimal use of furniture can be an option so that the room feels more larger.

Kitchen room

The kitchen area is dominated by black and white and made elongated so that the land used still looks spacious. You can also put a beautiful chandelier in this area in order to make eating together is more enjoyable.


The first bedroom has a larger area. This room can be occupied by a large bed, medium wardrobe and work desk. Putting a window in this space becomes the right idea. 

Laundry room

Laundry room is located behind the kitchen. This room has the most sunlight in order to dry the clothes. Equipped with clothesline poles and laundry storage shelves.

Bedroom 2

The second bedroom is relatively smaller than the first. Having a predominance of white makes this small room look more spacious. Even though this room has a tiny space, the mandatory furniture can be placed in this room.

Floor Plan

Let's taka a look at the detail of this design

- Terrace with a size of 1,94 m x 3,06 m
- First bedroom with a size of 3,84 m x 2,94 m
- Kitchen with a size of 2,94 m x 3,00 m
- Second bedroom with a size of 2,94 m x 3,06 m
- Living room with a size of 5,00 m x3,06 m
- Bathroom with a size of 2,14 m x 2,94 m

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Author    : Devi Milania

Editor     : Munawwaroh

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