6 Beautiful Small Living Room Ideas


6 Beautiful Small Living Room Ideas

HSDesain.com -- The living room becomes an important room in a house because it serves as a gathering place for family members. A comfortable and beautiful living room is not an impossibility for those of you who have a narrow lot. This article will cover a 6 Beautiful Small Living Room Ideas that you can use as a reference for renovating or building a beautiful living room.

Vintage look


This first living room uses wooden floors, so it makes the room feel warm and homey. For the living room this time, the medium-sized sofa is the main point of this design. Choosing a soft sofa with a medium size seems to be a good idea, for those of you who like to relax on the sofa. Selection of matching furniture can also be applied in this design. In addition to the sofa, several small chairs can also be placed in this room. Sunlight entering through the window adds a sense of warmth in this room. White rug under the sofa can also add a warm atmosphere.

Warm and cozy


The television is the main source of entertainment in this second living room. To make the best use of a small space, a small green sofa that can seat 4-6 people was built. In front of the sofa, a small table can also be placed. Some suitable ornaments could be used to fill this space so that it does not feel empty.

Clean and neat


Next, this small-sized living room is dominated by bone white. Give the impression of cleaner and tidier. Design this time not much use of the interior because it has clean and tidy theme, but you still can put a table and some small furniture.

Calm and soft


The fourth room is slightly larger than the previous one. More sofas can be placed in this room. Dominated by pastel brown colors, making this room feel warm and comfortable. Some supporting furniture can also be installed and placed in this room, such as paintings and flower vases.

Go with the green


For you lovers of dark colors and combinations, maybe this design can be your reference. The fireplace becomes the center of attention because it is built with a striking and unique design, the added value of this room. The combination of motif carpets, wooden floors and dark green colors make this room feel comfortable and eye-catching. Chair, TV and rug are also a great idea to decorate the rest of the space. 

Featuring Living plant


The final living room that you can use as a reference this time is calm and soft theme. This space makes excellent use of the available space. To overcome the narrow land, a medium-sized pastel brown sofa is a good idea. Matching furniture can also be placed. If you like green plants, you can use this design to display your favorites. Place large green plants to create a fresh appearance.

So many ideas this time, hopefully this article can help you find beautiful living room ideas with narrow land.

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