6 Beautiful Mezzanine Living Room Ideas

6 Beautiful Mezzanine Living Room Ideas

HSDesain.com -- The living area is an important place because most of these rooms are located at the entrance of the house. It's also the place to welcome guests. For those of you who are still confused about how to build and decorate a living room, 6 Beautiful Mezzanine Living Room Ideas might be your inspiration.

The mustard one

Bridal Bliss

The first design has a cozy and chic feel. Mustard and soft brown area never fails to make the room feels comfortable. You can put your favorite blanket on the sofa. The rug, sofas, table, lamp are a great combination.

The black lovers

If you are a black lover, maybe you can apply this design. Brown and black colors dominate this room. You can display a hanging mirror with a unique design on the side of this room to make it more gorgeous.

The vintage

The Inside by Havenly

Vintage look is the main theme in this area. The choice of classic and vintage style furniture is the right choice for you vintage lovers. You can also renovate your old items to display in this room.


Plenty plant
Here is an idea that you can apply for you a plant lovers. This room filled with plants is the highlight. The wooden floor and furniture match perfectly with your green plants. 

Soft and cozy


A raw wall is successful to make the room feel warmer. The choosing of pastel brown color is such a good idea. You can rework your mirror like this design. Some ornaments with matching colors can also be placed in this room.

Make it like a cafe


Last design has a chic style. If you have a large living room, perhaps this design might be your style. The choosing of sofas, tables, chairs are a great idea. A hanging lamp makes this room seems awesome.

That's some ideas that might be a reference for your living room. hopefully this article helps you.

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