Pleasent Rustic House Decor Ideas -- Modern style houses are popular, but the existence of traditional style houses cannot be replaced. Having a warm atmosphere with corners full of memories, many people want to evoke memories by having a rustic-style house. For details that you can use as inspiration, check out Pleasent Rustic House Decor Ideas.

House facade design

The first look is the exterior, which is the facade of the house that represents the house as a whole. This house design has a beautiful facade with a stilt house model that has several advantages, such as minimizing the risk of earthquakes.

Interior design

For the interior details, this rustic-style house has a room with an open space concept that has no partition. As for separating the kitchen from other areas, there is a bar counter that can also be used as a dining room.

Living room

Meanwhile, this is the living room at the very front after entering the front door. The small sofa looks neatly arranged and also has large windows around it so that the room feels brighter and more spacious.


This bathroom design has a more modern look but still uses rustic touches in some parts. Additional cubicles for the shower area are essential to keep the bathroom hygienic.


Not too large in size, this house features an attic area that can be used for additional functions such as this bedroom. The spacious and cozy look with white walls that have some wood tones is very beautiful and will never disappoint.




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