Tiny House Design with White Clean Look

HSdesain.com -- Tiny houses can't be taken for granted anymore. Clever designs and sweet looks are starting to make tiny houses look so awesome. The small size that has comfortable facilities in it also makes tiny houses much in demand. The following ideas will show you a beautiful look with the color white. Check out Tiny House Design with White Clean Look.

House facade design

When viewed from the outside, this house looks simple by using only white color. But with some additions such as details on the walls and also the glass doors it has made this small house look more stylish. In addition, this small house also has a porch that can be used as a relaxing area while enjoying the freshness of the garden in the front yard.

Living room idea

As for the interior, there is a living room that still feels spacious with only a sofa and cabinet. This small room also feels more spacious due to more light coming in from the glass doors.

Kitchenette and dining area

After the living room, there is a dining room and kitchen that are made close together. This entire room is made without having a partition, making it look spacious despite its small size. The wooden furniture in the kitchen and dining table make the room feel warmer and more natural.

Bedroom idea

The bedroom of this tiny house has access to the garden, making the owner feel happier and less bored. The white color that dominates the room still feels beautiful with a touch of earth-tone color. The large door to the garden is also equipped with curtains to keep it shady.

Bathroom idea

For this last area is the bathroom. The modern design using industrial touches makes this bathroom feel cooler and calmer. The details of the furniture used also have a simple design that makes the room look neater.

That's the Tiny House Design with White Clean Look. Hope you like it!

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Author : Hafidza
Editor  : Munawaroh
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