White Tropical House Design With a Beautiful Rock Fence


Hsdesain.com - Modern tropical house is a home design that is intended to bring a tropical atmosphere into the house, but does not feel hot. In addition to providing comfort, the presence of a modern tropical house is also suitable for families who want to spend a lot of time at home. This non-boring residential design can make you and your family feel at home and have fun quality time. For more detail White Tropical House Design With a Beautiful Rock Fence you can see below !!

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of the house where there is a natural stone fence makes the appearance more beautiful. This house has a predominance of white so it can make the look more beautiful and charming. The tropical design is so pronounced on the appearance of the facade of the house with the presence of plants. This house is also equipped with large glass windows so as to maximize the lighting that enters the house.

Living Room Design 

Enter the house there is a living room using a white sofa bed so that it can make the house more comfortable. This living room can also be placed a wooden material table so that it can make the look modern. Next to the sofa bed you can place green plants that can make the room fresher and cooler.

Dining Room Design 

For this dining room using chairs set of wood material so that it is more natural. This dining room is designed facing the glass window so it is more comfortable and can improve your mood. For this window is made in the corner of the room which is added curtains with white so that it is more beautiful and charming.

Lounge Design 

For this relaxing space created by using a comfortable chair to rest while reading a book. This space is deliberately designed by facing a large window so that it is brighter and maximum lighting. So that the tropical style can be felt you can put the plant in the corner of the room with a large size.

Swim Design 

Mini swimming pool that can maximize its function as a comfortable place. The mini swimming pool can be used as a family dip while eating breakfast. In addition you can put a lounge chair with a simple design.

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Author  : Dwi

Editor  : Munawaroh

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