Tropical Style House Design Ideas So Look Natural - The concept of a modern tropical house is a return to nature where all the material elements used are in the form of wood, bamboo, or natural rocks. Not necessarily new you can take advantage of used materials that are still worth using to display an attractive and unique tropical residence. Usually a house with a tropical style uses a lot of natural lighting and circulation. By making an open plan house will make the house look brighter naturally.

Facade Design 

The appearance of the facade of this house combines a tropical and modern impression so as to make the appearance of the house more luxurious. There is a swimming pool that surrounds the House. This house also uses a lot of glass window openings with a height of almost half a house building which of course aims to maximize the lighting that enters the House.

The House is Upstairs

Entrance into the house you will be welcomed with a living room dining room and mini bar and kitchen. This room is deliberately in the Bolt looks bulkhead so as to maximize the existing room. Every part of the house is decorated with plants and many use wood materials. It looks like a modern house building seen from the top view of the House.

Dining Room Design 

The dining room that uses wood material and in combination with modern black chairs can present an elegant and minimalist impression. The dining room is also equipped with a mirror that can make the illusion of a wider room.

Kitchen Design 

The same color is present in the home kitchen. The kitchen that uses this kitchen set has a black color combined with concrete without the finish so that the tropical atmosphere is so pronounced. The kitchen is also equipped with glass placed on the roof that can make the kitchen more natural light even in daylight.

Bedroom Design 

For this bedroom is made facing the balcony of the House. The look of a bedroom that uses a white mattress and wood material base can make the look more natural and modern. There are large glass doors and windows that can maximize the lighting that enters the room. For the balcony you can put chairs and also decorate with plants. will always share with you the latest Home Design Pictures ideas and Garden Ideas. So, what are you waiting for, enjoy the new inspiring ideas on

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