Tiny Home Ideas that Look Calm and Warm

HSdesain.com -- Tiny houses are the choice of many people to enjoy a simpler and quieter life. Although small, the designs of these tiny houses are starting to evolve and create interiors and exteriors that have high aesthetic value. For tiny home design ideas that you can use as a reference, check out Tiny Home Ideas that Look Calm and Warm.

House facade design

This small house has a simple facade design by applying the dominant black color. The use of this black color can help disguise stains so that the owner does not need to spend time cleaning the house every day. To give a warm touch, there are several parts that use wood and wall lights.

Porch area

Before entering the house, there is a porch that is used as a functional area by making it a relaxing area or can be used as an outdoor living room so that the owner can still maintain the privacy of the house. Wooden or rattan chairs are the best for this tiny house theme.

Living room area

Entering the interior of the house, there is a cozy living room with a sofa and a small table. To keep it from looking stuffy, the room has a round window that can be used to gaze at the impressive outdoor view. The owners can enjoy watching the seasons change.

Loft design

Just like many other tiny houses, this house is also designed to have a loft area and utilize it as a bedroom.  The additional railing is also not forgotten to maximize its safety.

Kitchen under stairs

This tiny house is still well designed to utilize each area very well and make it have maximum facilities. For example, the small area under the stairs is utilized as a kitchenette.





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