Simple Minimalist House Ideas for Cozy Family -- Having a cozy home is certainly one of the reasons for families to spend more time at home. It doesn't have to be a very large house with luxurious interiors, even a small house with a minimalist style can provide comfort and tranquility for its owner. For some ideas that you can replicate, check out Simple Minimalist House Ideas for Cozy Family.

House facade design

This house design has a facade with a minimalist look using details that make it look neat and clean. This exterior design is very important because it can give the first impression to anyone who sees your house.

Living room idea

Entering the inside of the house, there is a living room that looks beautiful even though it doesn't have much furniture. The details with a natural style are able to provide warmth to anyone who is in the living room.

Dining room idea

As for the next area, the dining room has a higher elevation to provide a more interesting element. The dining area is seen combining white and light brown colors so that it appears neater and cleaner. Additional shelves with several container boxes can make the area look stunning.

Bedroom idea

Moving on to the bedroom area, the simple look makes the owner feel more relaxed and comfortable. The dominance of white color is able to give a spacious and bright look and is very suitable to be applied to a room with a small size. To replace the decoration, there is a part of the wall that uses a wooden slatted wall.

Service area

Moving to the back area, there is a service area that is functionally utilized as a laundry area and wet kitchen. This area also has a dry garden and a skylight roof that helps clothes dry quickly.




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