Cozy Interior Ideas for Your Tiny House -- The design of a house with a small size is a challenge for the owner how to make the facilities comfortable for activities. Several factors need to be considered in order to create a tiny house with a comfortable interior and the house doesn't feel small. For some ideas that you can copy, check Cozy Interior Ideas for Your Tiny House.

Living room

The living room is a must-have feature because it is extremely useful when guests visit the house. Furthermore, the living room can be used as a relaxing area with family. The living room design in this small house appears shady due of the gray hue selected and its proximity to a huge window, which might provide a nice and cool view.


With a small house, the owner must be creative in order to keep each area usable. In one space, for example, the owner employs a kitchen table as well as a dining table in a simple but impressive design. Its white tone conveys a clean and well-kept appearance.

Display shelf

This kitchen that looks tiny still has a neat and smart arrangement by adding a display shelf on the wall. The use of a chandelier in the kitchen can also add a creative and stylish touch. Don't forget to have a window in the kitchen to have good air circulation and make the room not stuffy.


This bedroom has a modern minimalist style by combining monochrome color tones which makes the look not look monotonous. Some decorations are one of the things that make this room feel more alive.


Regardless of the size, this bathroom has a modern design and looks stylish by using beautiful and clean details. The dark gray color is applied to the walls of the shower cubicle, while the other areas have a white color which looks cleaner and brighter.





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