Simple but Warm Look for Home Interior Decor Ideas -- The appearance of the house has a very important influence on the impression that is good for the owner and for anyone who sees it. The beauty of the house will certainly provide comfort for its residents. One look that can provide a homey, comfortable, and intimate atmosphere for the family is a color with a warm look. For some ideas that you can follow, check Simple but Warm Look for Home Interior Decor Ideas.



Living room idea

Simple color selection with monochrome tones is an interesting idea that you can apply to your living room too. The use of furniture with a simple design can be combined with interesting decorations around it such as on the wall or shelf that you can place beside the sofa.

Kitchen and mini bar table

For the next area in this house, there is a kitchen with a dominant white color on the furniture. The choice of white color is known to give a wider and brighter impression in a small area. Besides white, there is a touch of wood color on the floor and also a brick pattern on some of the walls. This will create a look that is not boring.

Space saving laundry area

The furniture arrangement in this house is also cleverly designed so that it does not take up much space. It can be seen that the laundry area has a section that has a plot so that it can be more organized. This area is also equipped with several cabinets and shelves that can be used to organize items to make them tidier.

Simple bathroom idea

Taking advantage of the small area, this bathroom still looks very attractively designed and decorated. The use of simple furniture makes the bathroom look cleaner and more comfortable. The addition of a large mirror is also able to give a more spacious effect to the room.

Warm bedroom idea

If you want to have a cozy and functional bedroom but with a small size, you can try to imitate the interior design of this one. The use of a wall cabinet can make the room look neater and smarter. The addition of LED light can also make your resting atmosphere comfortable, soothing, and warmer. 






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