Fresh and Beautiful Plants for Decorating Living Room -- Plants become interesting things to be used as additional decorations in various rooms including the living room. Some of the following ideas will make you have a reference to place plants beautifully in the living room. Check out Fresh and Beautiful Plants for Decorating Living Room.

Small plants on various spot


Even with a small size, you can still refresh your room better when you place these plants in various spots. Plants with this small size will not bother you and instead become a touch of decoration that will never be boring.

Hanging plants


Hanging plants are one of the room decoration ideas that don't take up too much space. Use plants that grow beautifully when you hang them. Prune when the plant grows too thick and bothers you.

Flowers on vase


It doesn't have to be plants that grow in pots, you can also beautify your living room by using flowers placed in vases. The existence of this flower can make the room feel more alive and very beautiful. Have you done it?

Simple and clean snake plant


The snake plant is the perfect choice for those of you who like a clean and tidy look in your living room. You can place snake plants in some empty spaces and they will grow well even with low maintenance so you don't have to worry if you can't give them intense care.

Large plant


If you don't want to have a lot of plants, use one plant but with a large size so that it looks as if it is spreading to various corners around it. Place it in an area that has indirect bright light for better growth.




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