Container Tiny House Ideas for Minimalist Living -- The tiny house movement is starting to gain a following and tiny house designs are starting to sell and gain traction on social media. The use of containers is one of the cheaper and easier tiny house design concepts to have. For exterior and interior design ideas that you can follow, check out Container Tiny House Ideas for Minimalist Living.





House exterior look

This house has a distinctive look by using containers to build the house. The use of containers is of course cheaper than building a house using wood or concrete, so this house design can be built in a small area and is more possible to realize.


Functional space

The terrace area is a part that looks small but can be utilized more optimally. This area can be used as an outdoor living room or can be used as a relaxing area with some furniture such as chairs and tables as facilities. Don't forget to add plants as decorations in this area to make it look fresher and very suitable to be combined with the wooden look of the exterior of this house.

Open plan room

Entering the interior of the house, there is a room that adapts the open plan concept so that its small size still feels spacious and not stuffy. This area includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Each area has its own plot that is neatly organized and has maximum function.

Wall shelf for neat look

In the kitchen area does rule out the presence of wall cabinets. However, with the addition of open wall shelves as in the picture, it will make the arrangement of goods more optimal and tidier. In addition, the kitchen area also has a window design that makes air circulation better and avoids stuffy due to the aroma of cooking produced from the kitchen area.

Small bedroom look

Despite being in a room of limited size, this bedroom still has a clever arrangement that makes it function more comfortably. In addition to the bed, there is also a shelf that can store various items in a neat and organized manner. The large window also makes this room feel more spacious and bright.






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