Gorgeous Modern Bohemian Style that Feels Calm and Warm

HSdesain.com -- Bohemian style homes are usually known for their bright and clashing colors. However, this often makes the landscape look untidy and too flashy. Therefore, a modern bohemian style is now starting to emerge that uses a more muted and earth-tone color selection. For some interior ideas that you can replicate, check out Gorgeous Modern Bohemian Style that Feels Calm and Warm.

Living room idea

The living room is the first area in this discussion. The plain, soft-colored walls in this room still look great when combined with furniture and decorations in a variety of colors. The wall displays as decorations are also neatly arranged and aligned. To add freshness, this area is also equipped with several plants that have planter shades of wood and rattan.

Open plan concept

The open plan concept is favored by many because of the benefits it offers. Some of these things include the creation of better air and lighting and of course it is cheaper because there is no need to spend money to present an insulating wall. This area includes the living room and dining room.

Creative wall decor

The decorations in this room also look beautiful and well-organized. If you can notice, this area looks fresh with display shelves filled with fresh plants. You can also replicate it on the blank wall area in some rooms. In addition, this area also has a basket as a storage for items to make it more organized.

Small kitchen idea

The choice of white color is indeed very perfect to be applied to a kitchen that has a small size. In addition, the use of motif details on the backsplash also makes this area not look boring. Add some additional decorations such as plants or hidden LED strips.

Bedroom idea

This bedroom has a spacious look because it doesn't have excessive furniture. This area is also well-decorated using woven rattan that is neatly arranged on the headboard wall. The choice of earth-tone colors also makes the atmosphere of this bedroom feel calmer and more comfortable.

Functional outdoor space

Besides having a well-organized and beautiful interior, this house also has a very impressive exterior that you can imitate. This terrace area is made functional by placing several areas such as a relaxing area equipped with a sofa, and there is an outdoor dining table that allows you to enjoy a meal and a sunny view at the same time.





That's the Gorgeous Modern Bohemian Style that Feels Calm and Warm. Hope you like it!

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Author : Hafidza
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