Small House Design Ideas with Cozy and Complete Facilities -- This small house with a country style will be the perfect place to live in peace and comfort with your family. It doesn't have to be a super large room, you can arrange the interior to be beautiful and feel spacious. For ideas for each area you can replicate, check out Small House Design Ideas with Cozy and Complete Facilities.

House facade design with refreshing exterior

This house has a simple appearance with a lovely country style and an unobtrusive color with a touch of natural wood. This house's exterior includes a stock tank built on a wooden deck area that can also be used as a relaxing area on weekends.

Living room idea

Upon entering the interior, there is a small living room with minimal furniture that makes the space appear larger. There are sofas and carpets with the same pattern as the wooden floors in this area. Placing it on the wall for decoration will save more space in the living room.

Small kitchen idea

The kitchen is the next room where you cannot leave the house. Despite its small size, this kitchen is well-organized and functional. The presence of a window also brightens the room and improves air and light circulation.



Bedroom idea

This bedroom area is also kept simple by using furniture that does not take up too much space. There is a mattress that is placed on the floor for easier arrangement and is appropriate for small rooms in the loft. Don't forget to include a circulation window to keep the room from becoming stuffy.

Bathroom idea

The design of this small bathroom is simple but stylish. Having a shower partition will help keep the room clean and dry. Add storage to the room to maximize the arrangement of items.

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